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Over the past several weeks, I have been cropping, reencoding, and tagging the 73 recorded 004 Shows that were made. As of last night at about 5 am, I have completed this task. Currently, all 73 shows are available for direct download from the website. Unforunately, this presents something of a problem. Only counting the "final" versions of each show, the total filesize is about 6.7 GiB. Given my consumer grade internet, I realized that transfering such files to other people would be an incredibly time-comsuiming task.

This bandwidth issue led me to implement my webseeding client (I'll release the source to it somewhere eventually) and to create a set of torrent files for the show recordings. The main things of interest are:

Season 1-3 Batch Torrent - This is every show that was recorded while I was in college. Collectively, that is about 70 full or partial shows.

Homecoming 07 Torrent - The Homecoming 07 show.
Homecoming 08 Torrent - The Homecoming 08 show.
Homecoming 09 Torrent - The Homecoming 09 show.

So here's the deal: these files collectively represent a small proof of our existence at Rose and WMHD. For now, I'm seeding the torrents on both of my internet connections, but ensuring the surivival of the recordings is the responsibility of everyone who was a part of the show or who cared about it. As it stands, we're one wildfire or earthquake away from losing all of the recordings since they only exist on the machines of computers in my apartments. What I'd like is for everyone who was part of the show to at least grab a copy of the batch torrent. If you want to help seed, that would be nice as well.

In the future, I'd like to also make the files available for streaming by uploading them to whatever is the audio-only equivalent of youtube, but that is a large, long-term project with which I will probably require assistance.

So, there you have it: the 004 show finally available for all. It only took me two years to get around to making it available. I'd say that isn't too bad.

(P.S.: Cross-posted to the004show group so that it'll show up on the website).

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Cross that off the todo list

Last night, I finally got around to going through and labeling all of the 004 show recordings that I hadn't ever uploaded to the website. All together, there were 26 full or partial episodes and one that appears to be broken somehow that I'm still working on. You can download the epsidoes at the usual place.

If you have copies of episodes that aren't on the official website (I'm looking at you Andrew), then let me know and I can update them.

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Show #0054: "Truth and Reconciliation"

Intro: Nobuo Uematsu - "Pray"

Outro: Unknown - "Moving Molecules"

Show #0052: House of Cards

Intro: Gorrillaz - "19-2000"

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Outro: James Botha et al. - "Bear Trap Song"