GuyBlade (guyblade) wrote in the004show,

Show #0041: "The Weekly Show"

  • Intro: Hikaru Utada - "Sanctuary"
  • Topics:
    1. Abortion
    2. War in Iraq
    3. Japanese Economic Superiority
    4. Raising of the Debt Ceiling
    5. Hybrid Cars
    6. Long Term Sustainability of Oil Markets
    7. Video Game Legislation
    8. Gay Rights
    9. Voting Security / Electronic Voting
    10. Social Security Reform
    11. Hurricane Katrina
    12. China's Economic Threat
    13. April Fool's Jokes
    14. Role of Religion in Government
    15. FCC
    16. Threats against Media Figures
    17. Sexual Predators on the Internet
    18. Right to Die
    19. Cheney's "Accident"
    20. Urban Culture
    21. Nuclear Waste
    22. Toyetic
    23. Journalistic Integrity of Free-form institutions
    24. Muhammad Cartoons
    25. Vulgar Music
    26. Science
  • Transitionatory Songs:
    • Bela Fleck - "Sliding Down"
    • Bela Fleck - "In the Garden"
  • Who:
  • Outro: Hikaru Utada - "Passion"

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